Phase 1: Foundation and Red Chaos Launch

  • Q1 2024

    • Finalize and release the Age of Mars whitepaper.

    • Begin community building and engagement through social media and gaming forums.

    • Start development of Red Chaos, focusing on core gameplay mechanics and Unreal Engine integration.

  • Q2 2024

    • Launch Red Chaos Alpha version for community feedback.

    • Initiate $MMT token development and smart contract audits.

    • Continue to expand community engagement and early adopter programs.

  • Q3 2024

    • Release Red Chaos Beta, incorporating community feedback and expanding game modes.

    • Finalize the $MMT tokenomics and prepare for the Initial DEX Offering (IDO).

    • Host community events and tournaments to increase Red Chaos visibility and engagement.

Phase 2: $MMT Token Launch and Ecosystem Expansion

  • Q4 2024

    • Conduct $MMT Token IDO and list on major decentralized exchanges.

    • Integrate $MMT within Red Chaos for in-game transactions and NFT trades.

    • Begin development of Redline, focusing on game design and racing mechanics.

  • Q1 2025

    • Expand Red Chaos with new game modes and in-game items.

    • Launch $MMT staking and rewards program for community members.

    • Continue Redline development, releasing teaser content and early access to select community members.

Phase 3: Redline Release and Development of Red Empire

  • Q2 2025

    • Officially launch Redline, integrating $MMT for asset purchases and rewards.

    • Start development on Red Empire, focusing on strategic gameplay and city-building mechanics.

    • Enhance the Age of Mars marketplace for trading in-game assets across all games.

  • Q3 2025

    • Release new tracks and vehicles for Redline, based on community feedback and engagement data.

    • Continue to expand the Red Chaos universe with additional content and features.

    • Conduct early testing and community feedback sessions for Red Empire.

Phase 4: Red Empire Launch and Ecosystem Maturation

  • Q4 2025

    • Launch Red Empire Beta version for community testing and feedback.

    • Integrate cross-game functionality, allowing assets and achievements in one game to impact the others.

    • Enhance $MMT utility with additional use cases and rewards for ecosystem participants.

  • Q1 2026

    • Officially launch Red Empire, fully integrating it within the Age of Mars ecosystem.

    • Host a major online event celebrating the full launch of the Age of Mars ecosystem, featuring tournaments, developer AMAs, and community rewards.

    • Begin exploration of additional games and experiences to be added to the ecosystem, guided by community feedback and market trends.

Continuous Improvement and Expansion

  • Beyond Q1 2026

    • Continuously update and improve all games within the ecosystem based on community feedback and technological advancements.

    • Explore partnerships with other gaming companies and blockchain projects to expand the Age of Mars ecosystem.

    • Regularly introduce new in-game items, challenges, and events across all games to maintain engagement and freshness.

This roadmap represents our commitment to delivering a comprehensive and engaging gaming ecosystem that bridges the gap between traditional and blockchain gaming. By carefully phasing the development and release of our games and the $MMT token, we aim to ensure a smooth and enriching experience for our community, setting the stage for the Age of Mars to become a leading platform in the gaming industry.

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