Blockchain games present multiple benefits for players, such as actual in-game asset ownership, built-in game economy, free trading relationships, and unique engagement ways based not only on the game’s initiatives but also on its economy. However, the quality of most Web3 games in terms of gameplay mechanics, graphics, and in-game atmosphere significantly differ from “traditional” gaming standards. We believe Web3 gaming mass adoption can only become possible if there are more high-quality games on the market, which will attract not only P2E enthusiasts but also gamers.

Recognizing this emerging field’s massive potential and complexities, Age of Mars aims to serve as a gaming ecosystem to deliver the AAA-class gaming experience while implementing a full-cycle economy model, where players become the real owners of in-game assets. Age of Mars is being created to bridge traditional (Web2) gamers and blockchain games. We offer a platform that can become a new home for all blockchain gamer’s needs.

Age of Mars is a gaming platform with one economy shared across several Web3 games, united by the story and setting. It provides a new experience for Web3 users and Web2 gamers, creating a living ecosystem where players can influence their inner life and economy through various mechanics. Age of Mars is a gaming ecosystem that combines three games: third-person shooter Red Chaos, arcade racing game Redline, and strategic city-builder Red Empire. These games offer players a diverse and immersive gaming experience, spanning different genres and styles of games. We provide a range of games for players, the number of which will continually grow in the future. Simultaneously, we offer business tools and services for game companies, aiding them in scaling their player base and ensuring the development of high-quality games.

This whitepaper aims to provide an in-depth understanding of the Age of Mars mission, vision, and offerings, detailing how we plan to revolutionize the gaming industry by fostering a transparent and mutually beneficial relationship between players and game developers. We will explore our key features, outline our strategies for community engagement, discuss data privacy concerns, and lay the groundwork for how Age of Mars plans to evolve as a leader in merging Web2 and Web3 gaming communities.

Red Chaos

Red Chaos is a third-person multiplayer online shooter that immerses players in intense battles and strategic teamwork. The game reveals a variety of game modes, including fierce team battles and cooperative missions, where you need to perform tasks together, from escorting cargo to repelling enemy waves.

One of the key features of Red Chaos is dynamic gameplay, enhanced by high-quality graphics and realistic physics, built on Unreal Engine. Players will feel every shot and explosion thanks to advanced visual and sound effects.


Redline is an arcade racing game that will send players on an adrenaline-pumping ride through Martian landscapes. In this game, players can try their skills in driving space vehicles and overcoming obstacles and opponents on their way to victory. Redline offers a variety of tracks, dynamic gameplay, and the ability to compete with other players.

Redline is more than just an arcade racing game. It is a logical extension and development of the idea of an apocalypse on Mars presented in the Age of Mars universe. The game not only brings players into the exciting world of racing but also injects them into the unique atmosphere of the Martian apocalyptic saga.

Red Empire

Red Empire is a strategic city-builder where players can build their Martian colony and manage its development. In this game, players must balance resources, improve infrastructure, and defend their colony from external threats. Red Empire allows players to create a unique Martian civilization and determine its fate.

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